When a school, business or organization you’re working with is struggling financially, you need an independent expert to go in and check the pulse – perform a “smell test”, question and interview employees, and dig into the true cause of the situation at hand.

We support investors, private equity firms, banks and other financial institutions on their specific projects, to do a deep dive analysis into their client’s financial practices and find out what’s really going on. Using industry best practices, we’ll take a look at cash flow, historical trends, budget to actual comparisons, and operations as a whole through a financial lens to get to the root of the problem.

Our Advisory and Strategy services include:

  • Covenant Testing
  • Review of Processes and Procedures
  • Internal Controls
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Emergency Financial Management
  • Financial Projections
  • Financial Projection Stress Testing

How do we make this process different?

If we don’t enter the relationship with the right mindset, we won’t get anywhere. The stakeholders at the school, business or organization will feel threatened, creating a confrontational environment, viewing us as outsiders coming in to take over – that’s not the vibe we’re going for.

Instead, we strive to be seen as a lifeline, a support system, a partnering team that’s coming in to truly help evaluate their situation, and provide guidance that’s in their best interest. We create an open environment where everyone feels at ease to be honest and transparent. In-turn, this provides us with the most accurate information possible, so we can provide you with the best solutions to fix it.

After completing our analysis, the final deliverable is customizable to your specific situation, and can include:

  • Comprehensive report of our findings
  • Suggestions to address all of the issues
  • Formal plan of action customized to the organization
  • Oversight of the implementation of the plan
  • Periodic review of the implementation of the plan (monthly, quarterly or as needed)

After the initial analysis and plan is created, we can continue to monitor the plan on a monthly or quarterly basis, to check whether the plans and suggestions we’ve recommended and implemented are being carried out effectively.

With MAST, you get to work with real people, who speak in real terms, and happen to be really good at what they do. Contact us to talk through the details of your project.

New Facility Project Financial Review

Before your team decides to finance a new facility project, such as purchasing and renovating an existing building or building a new facility, it’s essential to get an independent third-party opinion to determine the viability of the client’s financial situation.

Our team takes a close look at your client’s financial operations to determine…

1) if they can they afford it in the first place
2) if they can they maintain successful operations as a whole, and support the obligations of the project financing, and
3) look at the bigger picture to make sure they can accomplish everything else that’s aligned with their strategic goals.

If you’re working with a school, it’s also important to determine if they can maintain instructional programming, while supporting the financial demands of the facility project. Our extensive experience in working with schools over the past 10 years gives us an inside look on how all departments within the school work together, and the importance that perspective brings to creating an integrated strategic plan that can support new facility projects.