Your school finance support team is in place, and the back office is operating smoothly on a day-to-day basis.

But you’re looking for something more – to break out and make a greater impact for the kids you serve.

You have big goals and even bigger dreams for your school. How do you take your school to the next level? How do you accomplish those big dreams such as growing your student enrollment, expanding your grade level offerings or purchasing a new building? Instead of just rolling forward each year with what’s been done in the past, you need an advisor who is going to think big picture and look forward, pulling you toward your vision and goals, while creating the financial freedom you desire.

MAST is led by true experts in the school finance industry, whose passions lie in helping schools strategically get where they want to be in every aspect of their school operations. We’ve created an exclusive opportunity for schools that want to continue running the back office internally, but are looking to work hand-in-hand with an expert who can bring to life the school’s full potential. With our FREEDOM EFFECT PARTNERSHIP, you’ll enter a minimum year-long, intimate experience with our financial experts who bring a fresh perspective that will set your school on a path to financial success.

Here’s what’s included…

  • Direct 1:1 access to your MAST Financial Expert for one (1) year
  • Expert will attend your monthly finance committee meetings
  • Review of your financials on a monthly basis and offer suggestions for changes
  • Monitor your budget through all financial lenses
  • Periodic review of processes and controls
  • Lead your team in an annual Budget Development workshop

If you’re looking for an expert financial eye who can bring new, solution-focused ideas to your school, join us for a free discovery call to discuss how we can partner together.