Comprehensive Financial Services Package

For school boards who are looking for financial support in everything from A to Z.

> Accounting Software

Established relationship with a K–12 Accounting Software.

> Financial Procedures

Procedures will be customized to your specific needs but also adhere to legal guidelines.

> Grant Management

Manage the funds from Federal Grants (Title I and Title II) and 31a At-Risk, and regulate for compliance.

> Annual Financial Audit

Manage the Annual Financial Audit from start to finish and work with your Board-appointed independent auditor to ensure a successful financial audit.

> Year-End Financial Reporting

Submit all annual required reports to MDE, Federal Government, ISD, and Authorizers.

> Budget Development

Work with the Board and school level administration to develop a budget that aligns with the Boards’ mission as well as the educational school improvement plan.

> Budget Monitoring

Review monthly year-to-date numbers, revenues, and expenses to evaluate current financials and make recommended changes.

> Monthly Financial Statements (Unaudited)

> Short-Term Financing (State Aid Notes)

> Back Office Services

Manage Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and day-to-day accounting services.

Additional Services

> Facility Financing

Bond Market, Private Placement Bonds, Renovation Financing, and more.

> Financial Projections

Forecast future revenue and expenses, analyze historical trends, and review current financial situation.

> Grant Writing

Work with experienced grant writers to obtain necessary or desired government funding.